What is SUDC UK?

SUDC UK is dedicated to increasing awareness of sudden unexpected deaths in childhood and funding crucial research to better understand and prevent these tragedies. Co-founded by three SUDC bereaved mothers in memory of all SUDC children, we hope we can make a difference by shining their light on SUDC.

SUDC UK is an affiliate of the SUDC Foundation, an international charity devoted solely to the needs of families and professionals touched by unexpected/unexplained deaths of children. 

Our vision is for SUDC to be predictable and preventable.

Our purpose is:

To promote awareness of sudden unexplained death in childhood and to relieve the needs of families and individuals affected by the sudden unexplained death of a child, in particular by supporting the SUDC Foundation including by means of:

  • providing information, advancing and funding medical research, and advocating for issues relating to sudden unexplained death in childhood;
  • providing support to families and individuals affected by the sudden unexplained death of a child;
  • supporting the charitable purposes and activities of the SUDC Foundation;
  • engaging in other related charitable and educational activities as determined by the board of directors.

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Contact SUDC UK by email to:

Camilla Gooden
Cofounder and Communications Director

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