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How We Help Professionals

The SUDC Foundation knows that a sudden death of a child profoundly affects the professionals involved. Please review the below and contact us so we can help you today.


  • Assisting you with the care and communication of families experiencing a sudden pediatric death: SUDC staff can help you communicate with families and act as a liason bewteen them and your office. We can provide them bereavement support through our clinical social workers and assist them with navigating the investigation while having realistic expections. See "Refer A Family" box to the right.
  • Help For Families Brochure: To assist Medical Examiners and Coroners Offices during the investigation of all sudden pediatric deaths, we created the brochure “Help for Families When an Infant or Young Child Dies”. The brochure explains the death investigation process, the professionals involved, and bereavement services. 
  • DNA Banking Services: The SUDC Foundation advocates and supports DNA banking after the sudden death of a child. We understand that genetic testing may be indicated for some families in the future. The Foundation will provide financial and logistical support for your office to attain DNA banking for families who wish to pursue this service.
  • Information Services: Through our downloadable SUDC Medical FACT Sheet, newsletters, website and social media updates, we provide you with up to date information about sudden unexplained deaths in childhood. 
  • SUDC Scientific Advisory Board: A mutidisciplinary board of forensic pathologists, clinicians, and researchers will continue to provide updated information to assist professionals with cases of sudden death in children. This includes, but is not limited to, guidance for classification, autopsy and death scene investigation guidelines.
  • Research: The Foundation will communicate to you up to date research publications and access to research opportunities in cases of SUDC. Often, this can provide access to additional testing, such as genetic analysis, and neuropathology/MRI to assist the professionals.
  • Advocacy in public policy and legislation: We support efforts to ensure that professionals have the resources and training to provide comprehensive and standardized investigations, as well as continued research into all sudden unexpected pediatric deaths.

Refer A Family

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Our support services are offered at no cost for families who have experienced the sudden unexpected death of a child.

Learn more about how we help families on our Family Services web page.


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