Help for Families Brochure

ME/C Family Support Brochure for Sudden Pediatric Deaths

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To assist Medical Examiners and Coroners Offices during the investigation of all sudden pediatric deaths, we created the brochure “Help for Families: When an Infant or Young Child Dies”.

This free personalized brochure can be created and printed for any Medical Examiner or Coroner office. There are three versions to choose from- Medical Examiner, Coroner, or mixed system. Use the form (to the right) to request one today.

 The brochure outlines for families in a clear manner:     

  • how the medical examiner and coroner process works,
  • defines the roles of the professionals that may be involved,
  • provides reasonable time estimates for the investigation process,
  • provides national resources
  • and allows for local resources to be included as well.

The brochure is intended to be provided to the next of kin by the investigator during the scene investigation and can be used for all manners of sudden pediatric deaths.



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